wheat mill machine

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of flour milling machines, we keep pace with the latest advanced technology. Our continuous research and development contribute to our newly developed wheat mill machines.

Our wheat mill machine is high-quality, and adopts the advanced international technology. It has many advantages like: compact structure, easy cleaning and maintenance, low power consumption, and high output capacity. The double arc flank profile belt of our wheat mill machine is characterized by balanced transmission, low noise, and unique roll bearings.

Compared to other common wheat flour milling machines, it is easily to operate and maintain. What’s more, it is sensitive to changes in the clutch gate of roller mills. The rollers distance can be adjusted as there is the watching window on the machine. It can be controlled manually or automatically. Either manual operation or pneumatical operation is OK. With the electrical motor inside, it is totally enclosed, thus make sure the operating process is safe and absolutely user-friendly. Besides, as the wedge-shaped belt drive the slow and quick rollers, our wheat mill machine is suitable for the flour milling plant.

Our wheat mill machines have been exported to many countries over the world and won good reputation both domestically and abroad. If you are intending to make wheat flour, our wheat mill machine is your best choice!
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