wheat pressured dampener

The wheat pressured dampener is broadly utilized in the dampening of grains. This brand-new developed pressure whirling system guarantees uniform distribution from the water through the grain in addition to excellent transmission water in to the grain having a low energy requirement.
wheat pressured dampener

The wheat is moved into pre-mixing chamber at tangential way using the inlet.
Beneath the constant reason for rotor blades, beating function between wheat and wheat, wheat and rotor blades, wheat and casing are accomplished. Your wheat goes forward at spiral distance to mixing the chamber which is fully coupled with added water. In mixing chamber wheat is pressed, affected and vibrated by different rotor blades, intensive intermixing and water transmission with the rotor whirling method is accomplished. The completely wet grain is launched within the machine outlet.The functional intensity might be modified having a system within the finish in the machine and several slight bran as well as outer skin in the granular may be indexed within the grain, which helps to make the wheat easy to further clean.
pressured dampener

Some Merits of Wheat Pressured Dampener:
- Advanced design and ideal fabricating
- Outstanding dampening action
- Optimal water distribution and water addition rates as much as 7%
- Specifically warmth treated rotor blades are put on-resistant
- Low energy requirement
- Excellent sanitation
- Low-maintenance requirement
- Every part in touch with the merchandise is of stainless.

Model Rotation(r/min) Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Weight(kg) Dimensions (mm)(L*W*H)
KQZJ-11 500-800 3-10 11 550 2289*660*1360
KQZJ-15 500-800 5-18 15 680 2289*660*1360
KQZJ-22 500-800 8-25 18.5 760 2289*660*1360
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