wheat washer machine

The wheat washer machine put to use unique air recycling structure rich in efficiency and saving. It adopts computer controlled system. For the similar working capacity, to offer the stone getting rid of and whirling dry effect, our wheat washer can help to save water and electricity. The electricity consumption is all about 70% of this machinery within the same category water consumption could be reduced to around 200kg per ton. The size board, waterproof door, auger spend, lining board, etc are created with stainless, which could prolong the machine's existence. Combined wheat washer and destoner with each other carry out the functions of wheat washing, destoning and damping. Additionally, this machine may also remove broken popcorn kernels and microbe harmful particles. In addition, significant features with this machine include compact construction, higher level of efficiency, low rate of damaged wheat and reduced use of energy and water.

wheat washer

This machine utilizes water to wash the wheat, it may take away the sand or gemstones that is from the similar size because the wheat, clean from the ash at first glance of wheat, reduce pollution amounts of pesticide sprays and bacteria, is appropriate for big or medium -scale flour mills. The washer can function on corn, beans, sesame, etc.
wheat washer

Model Capacity (t/h) Power (kW) Speed (r/min) Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm)
KXMS40×100 1.5-2.5 3.0+0.55 750 900 2200×670×1500
KXMS50×130 3.0-5.0 4.0+0.55 600 1300 2580×920×1600
KXMS60×130 5-6 5.5+0.75 550 1600 2820×1080×1970
KXMS75×150 7-8 7.5+1.1 480 1950 3100×1100×2100
KXMS90×150 8-9 11+1.5 400 2720 3612×1400×2300


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