rice husk briquetting machine

Most farmers all over the world grow rice and human beings do have a large consumption of rice every day, which means that there are tons of rice husks in the world each year. So much rice husks would be a big trouble for landfill or other way to deal with. Besides, as they are very loose, they cannot be used as fuel. Therefore, rice husks, as a large portion of biomass energy produced in the rice growing regions has been lying as waste at the rice mills in many countries.

rice husk hullRice Husk
rice husk powderRice Husk Powder
Rice Husk briquettesBiomass Briquettes
Rice Husk powder briquettesFuel Briquettes

However, briquetting is a good way to make full use of rice husks. Our rice husk briquetting machine can turn rice husks into briquettes, which release lasting energy and are easy to transport and store. To briquette rice husk, rice husks need to be grounded to a semi fine powder from in advance. Then, they are dried with moisture content less than 12%. After these, rice husks, together with sawdust, or other wood powders, can be put into the feeder of our rice husks briquetting machine.

Small & Large Rice Husk Briquetting Machine

small briquetting machineSmall Briquetting Machine
large briquetting MachineLarge Briquetting Machine

The wood material has a high lignin content that serves as glue when liberated under high temperature and pressure. This eliminates the need to use a binding agent during the whole process hence the end-product is a clean, green fuel that does not have harmful additives and is ideal for furnaces, boilers, open fires and other applications. Our rice husk briquetting machine can briquet various biomass materials. Under high pressure and high temperature, rice husks are pressed into briquettes and sent out of the briquetting machine.
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