To become a world-leading provider of  

biomass energy fuel technology and products

To establish a century-standing enterprise and to build a well-known brand
Anyang General International Corp. (AGICO) is specialized in manufacturing and exporting of biomass energy fuel plant and agriculture processing plants. Nowadays, AGICO Group has become an integrative enterprise group which has four fully-owned and holding subsidiary companies, KMEC, GEMCO, ASSC and GICONET.
AGICO GROUP's bussiness scope:

AGICO’s newly hit product – Railroad Fasteners
20 international standards, 50 exported countries, large numbers of overseas railway projects
AGICO is a long-term good partner of CRCC (China Railway Construction Corporation) for both domestic and overseas rail projects. We supply all kinds of standard and non-standard railroad fasteners, such as: rail joints (railway fish plates), railroad spike, rail fastening systems, railroad tie plates and rail clips, etc. You can visit our railway fasteners website for more details.
We want to raise your crops and livestock!
Find your agriculture processing plant manufacturer from China here, AGICO GROUP is a professional provider of agriculture processing plants. Great service and timely delivery!
Find your biomass energy fuel manufacturer from China here, AGICO GROUP is a professional provider of biomass fuel Technology and Plants . Great service and timely delivery!
Why Choose Us?

We were, we are, we will use our half a century of experience to challenge the changing world of agriculture and environment. This thinking permeates entire business from design, manufacture and assembly to test, delivery and commissioning of training for the client.
  • Great service
  • Superior quality
  • Competitive prices
  • Time delivery
  • Excellent and prompt customer service
  • Experienced project management
  • Technical innovation
  • State of the art facilities conforming to international standards
The technoloty service is very professional. Thank you. We are factories on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada and are looking into the possibility of buying the biomass pellet mill just for our factory
Thanks for the excellent customer I did install the oil mill plant and I have already processing oil, it is really great technology, plants and great service !
Quality pellet fuel must be in a good density while having a low moisture content for the best burning efficiency. Pressure, temperature, moisture, and the composition of raw materials are the main factors influencing pellet quality. In this company you will learn how to achieve maximum production capacity with minimum energy consumption by controlling these factors.

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