gravity grade destoner

Destoners are widely used in the grain processing process in to remove the unwanted materials like stone, sand, glass metal piece and other containments from grains. Our gravity grade destoner has a wide application in both small and big grain processing plants (30-500 tons).


Our gravity grade machine has two functions: grading and destoning. It is designed to remove impurities from grains by conveying together with separating the materials of different weights. It has two working levels: the different materials of light and heavy weight are separated from each other on the upper level, while the stones, glass, and metal pieces are removed from the material of heavy weight on the lower level. Our gravity grade destoner has high separating efficiency due to its excellent grain cleaning. It effectively removes the small and light-weighted stones of the grain kernel size from the stream of product, which further protects the later used processing equipment and consequently reduces its wear and tear. Our gravity grade destoner complies with food safety standards by achieving the high end product purity.

Model and technical parameters:

Model Power(kw) Capacity(t/h) Air Pressure Air Suction(m3/h) Dimensions(L*W*H)(mm)
TQSF40 2×0.25 1.5-2.5 <980 3000 1270×700×1600
TQSF50 4-6 4000 1420×780×1800
TQSF63 5-7 4500 1450×876×1800
TQSF80 7-9 6000 1450×1046×1800
TQSF100 9-11 8000 1500×1246×1900
TQSF125 11-16 10200 1500×1496×1920
TQSF150 2×0.37 12-18 12000 1500×1746×1800
TQSF175 18-23 15000 1500×1996×1800
TQSF200 16-26 17000 1500×2246×1900
TQSF250 22-32 20600 1500×2796×1920

Our gravity grade destoners have been exported to many countries all over the world and won good reputations both domestically and abroad. They can be customized according to our clients’ specific needs. If you are looking for good gravity grade destoner, please do not hesitate to contact us!
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