oil pressing machine

In recent years, food security, especially cooking oil worries people. And according to an authoritative survey, about 50millon tons of illegal cooking oil are produced and sold every year. As we all know, illegal cooking oil is made of illegally dirty raw material and does lots of harm to people’s health. What’s worse, you are probably still cooking or eating your food with illegal cooking oil! How could you avoid this? Make your cooking oil by yourself!

Now, you may say: “Are you kidding? How can I make cooking oil? I cannot afford an oil pressing machine. Or, even if I can, I won’t do that, because I have no plan to do cooking oil business. ” Your words get a point, as oil pressing machines indeed cost a large sum of money in markets. Usually, the capacities of oil press machines in a small factory vary from 500kg/h to over 1000kg/h, or even more, not to speak of oil extraction line in an oil production line.

However, you definitely can make your cooking oil by yourself! Because many people have already done that, and they are now eating healthy oil, and are far away from health problems. You can be in their shoes too. And all you need is just our home use oil pressing machine!

Our home use oil pressing machine has two types: manual oil press and mini-auto oil press. The raw materials of both types are peanut, sunflower seed, sesame, rapeseed, walnut kernels and copra, etc.

The manual oil pressing machine can be handled by hands of a single person and features elegant design, high quality alloy steel, durable life span attribute. As a quite convenient helping hand for you, the capacity of this kind of oil press is up to 1.5 liters oil per hour. Moreover, its weight is only 2.18 kg, less than 5 pounds. The mini-auto oil press is driven by motor, and characterized by its simpler operation, delicate and compact structure and low noise. With mini-auto oil pressing machine, you can get the edible oil for one month only a few hours. Besides, it’s very easy to operate and clean.

Now, you may think over, try our home use oil pressing machine, and then, kiss your worries goodbye!
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