small pellet mill

Small pellet mill is generally flat-die designed. Pellets have wide applications in home heating and cooking, as well as making use of farm wastes. You can make your own pellets at home or on your farm. The pellets made by small pellet press can be used for various purposes like: as fuel for heating or cooking, as animal feed, and used for animal bedding, especially in horse stable. By making pellets with a small flat die pellet machine, you can benefit from your waste, thus saving you money.
4 Driving Forces are Available
Generally speaking, small pellet mills can be driven by four different forces: electric motor, gasoline engine, diesel engine and PTO. These four different driving forces all have their own unique advantages. For example, electric motor small pellet mill is usually used at home as electricity is available, while PTO flat die pellet press usually at home, and gasoline and diesel engines are required based on different needs.
small pellet millsmall pellet mill
small pellet millsmall pellet mill
Small pellet mill enjoys many advantages, such as:
  • Small apace occupation & stable performance
  • Low power consumption & low noise
  • High pellets output rate & large capacity
  • Easy operation & little maintenance

Raw Material of Biomass Pellets
Biomass pellets have high density and can release long-lasting energy. They are a pretty good choice to make full use of seasonal biomass waste. The raw materials for making biomass pellets by small pellet mills are mainly: wood chips, sawdust, corn stalks, corn cobs, grass, leaves, bean stubble, switch grass, straw, dry distillers grain (DDG), seed hulls, alfalfa, cardboard, bagasse and paper.

Raw Material of Feed Pellets
Feed pellets are easy for both digestion and absorption. Good quality feed pellets have several benefits: reduced waste, less segregation in the feed, improved palatability and shorter eating periods. Also animal performance and feed efficiency improve. Small flat die pellet machine can make pellets for many different animals like: cow, pig, sheep, dog, cat, chicken, and fish, etc. This mainly depends on the ingredients of the raw material, such as: corn, maize flour, soybeans, soybean meal, fish meal, animal acid, whey power, meat and bone meal, additives, and sweet sorghum, etc.

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