the application of horizontal wheat Scourer

Horizontal wheat scourer is widely used in the process of cleaning wheat flour, especially in medium and large factories. Our horizontal wheat scourer is primarily designed for applications in the first and second cleaning sections for the surface treatment of wheat. First, it is used to remove impurities and adhering contamination like dust, sand, earth lumps, and hair, etc. Second, it is used for improving product sanitation by reducing the microbe count like bacteria and the insect, insect fragment count, and other fifth counts. Besides, the scouring rotator can also reduce mud and other impurities in the cream of wheat.

Generally speaking, our horizontal wheat scourer is equipped with an aspiration channel or an air-recycling aspirator at its discharge. The unwanted particles are discharged afterward by passing through the holes of the arc-shaped screen to ensure lower percentage of fine wheat damaging. Our horizontal wheat scourer efficiently removes detached hull particles or surface contamination from the wheat. What’s more, with the appropriate rotor and screen jacket designs, our horizontal wheat scourer is also successfully used in intensive durum scouring and oats processing.

Technical parameters of horizontal wheat scourers

Model Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Weight(kg) Dimensions(L×W×H)(mm)
FDMW40×100 5-8 5.5 650 2100×920×1680
FDMW40×100×2 8-16 11 1300  2100×1200×1680
FDMW40×150 8-12 7.5 750 2600×920×1680
FDMW40×150×2 12-25 15 1500  2600×1200×1680

Our horizontal wheat scourer’s drum sieve is welded and manufactured with high-quality stainless steel, and its beating plate is made of high-quality carbon steel. Our horizontal wheat scourer has many advantages like compact structure, high precision, dynamic balance, stable running, low noise, small vibration, low power consumption, easy operation and long service life.
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