vibrating separator for flour mill plant

Vibrating separator is used to process wheat, corn, rice and other grains. Our vibrating separator adopts the advanced international technology, and can screen straws, dust, and various impurities through two small and efficient vibrating motors. Our vibrating separator has become the primary choice for the grain cleaning machine mainly because of its simple structure and energy-saving quality.

Our vibrating separator has two sieve desks. Its screen removes impurities like large kernels, straw, stones, soil clumps and others from the good qualified grain, thus making grain cleaning efficient. Screens and their wearing parts of our vibrating separator can be changed quickly and easily. Besides, no lubrication is needed as long as required maintenance happens. During the whole separating process, an automatic cleaning system, which includes rubber balls, ensures the continuous, effective cleaning of the screens. The output capacity gradually increases, and as a result, the requirements of maintenance decrease. Our vibrating separator is widely and flexibly applied as it can be combined with a variety of aspirators.

Technical Parameters for Vibrating Separator:
Model Sieve Size Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm)(L×W×H)
Pre-cleaning Cleaning
TQLZ80×100 80×100 20 6 2×0.25 360 1440×1610×1455
TQLZ100×100 100×100 30 8 2×0.25 420 1640×1610×1455
TQLZ100×150 100×150 50 12 2×0.37 520 2140×1610×1455
TQLZ100×200 100×200 60 16 2×0.37 540 2640×1610×1455
TQLZ150×150 150×150 75 18 2×0.55 630 2140×2160×1455
TQLZ150×200 150×200 100 24 2×0.75 650 2640×2160×1455
TQLZ180×200 180×200 120 26 2×1.1 1000 2740×2510×1980

Except the big and promising domestic market, our vibrating separators have been exported to many countries all over the world, and won good reputations worldwide. If you are looking for high-quality vibrating separator, ours is exactly your first choice.
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