wheat intensive dampener

The intensive dampener is generally requested the intensive dampening of grains. Water addition rates as high as 4% are possible with minimum abrasion and breakage from the product.
The intensive dampener is made as an acclivitous edge conveyor. The grain is given in to the dampener with the front-finish inlet. Water is dispersed in to the grain close to the inlet. Along with the individually added water, the grain is moved in the finish to the top machine through the mixing rotor blades when intensive intermixing and water transmission through the rotor whirling system are accomplished. The completely wet grain is released in the machine outlet.
wheat intensive dampener

Salient Features of Intensive Dampener
▲ The acclivitous moving design guarantees water completely mixing using the grain and finest preparation for that farther dampening within the grain bins.
▲ Water control valve on-inlet guarantees water to become shutoff when no grains flow.
▲ Low energy requirement
▲ Excellent sanitation
▲ The very best cover can be taken off easily for maintenance
▲ Every part in touch with the merchandise is of stainless

Wheat Intensive Dampener Systems:
wheat intensive dampener system wheat intensive dampener system

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