make your own wood pellets free

In recent years, wood pellets as clean, green and renewable energy, have a wider and wider application. The raw material of wood pellets includes not only wood materials like sawdust, wood shaving, wood chips, but also straw, rice husks, groundnut shells, and leaves, etc. Therefore, more and more people tend to make their own wood pellets at home as the raw materials are very easy and cheap to collect. Besides, they can not only get free wood pellets, but also do not need to be upset with biomass mass in their yards or on their farm. Obviously, making your own wood pellets free is a wise win-win solution!

To make your own free wood pellets, apart from the raw materials, which need to be shattered into powders containing proper moisture content in advance, you also need a wood pellet mill for home use. A small wood pellet mill for home use is usually flat die type, in which a solid metal flat die sits below a series of compression rollers. The raw materials enter from above and fall between the rollers and the flat die. Then, the raw materials are compressed through the die by the rollers. The finished pellets emerge from the base of the die and leave the small wood pellet mill.

Make your own free wood pellets can save you a big sum of money, especially when you need large consumption of wood pellets!
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